Mickey Factz Discusses Why He Responded To Kendrick’s “Control” Verse

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    If you know anything about Mickey Factz, you should know he doesn’t hold his tongue. The polarizing Bronx emcee stopped by our GIANT offices to discuss why he threw his hat in the ring of responses to Kendrick’s “Control” verse. 

    In true Mickey fashion he didn’t mince words and gave us straight facts! (Pun intended) Check out what he had to say and don’t forget to listen to Mickey’s response and tell us if you think Mickey did NY justice.

    Why did you decide to respond to Kendrick?

    I felt he was very brash in his king of New York statement and I felt like if someone from this coast would’ve said it, they would’ve responded the same way. I felt like the mainstream artist of New York City weren’t going to respond in a timely fashion and I felt like I had to make sure I represent for my city in the proper way.

    Were you offended?

    Actually, no. I wasn’t offended. I was just a representative for those who were offended, you know the fans of hip-hop, the fans of New York City. I wasn’t offended that I wasn’t mentioned. I don’t want to be the king of New York. I just felt like he had to get talked to.

    So my second part of that question was were you offended that anyone would say that or was it just friendly competition being brought back to the table?

    I would say both. I would be offended if anyone said they were the king of New York and they weren’t from New York or they were from New York and they hadn’t done anything to be king of New York.  If Jay says I’m the king of New York in a song, then we’ll all say ‘yeah, that’s wassup.’ But for him to say that and he’s not from New York, that’s an issue.  Man, that’s like Fab getting on a record and calling out his peers and saying ‘I’m the king of L.A’. Game is gonna have 300 bars waiting. Kendrick is going to say something. Snoop is going to say something. People are going to respond because they’re trying to defend their city. And on my side, I felt like a lot of people didn’t step up to the plate in regards to mainstream [artists] It is early. It’s only two days, so we’ll see what happens in the next week or two. Or we might just back to listening to Versace! Versace!


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