Teens Go In On Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Video

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    By now, we’ve all heard what critics have to say about Robin Thicke’s controversial song and music video for “Blurred Lines.” “It’s sexist!” they say. “It’s downright misogynistic,” they scream. “Those girls are so hot!” they argue. But what about the children? What do they think?

    Well, they’re not impressed. While no one could deny the song’s catchy words and allegedly stolen beats, teens who were asked to respond to the video described it as boring, uncomfortable and downright misogynistic. And despite most of these kids being minors, a few of them managed to watch the unrated version on their own (!!!) and fortunately were pretty repulsed.

    Check out a few of our favorite quotes from the video below:

    “Is this what they call pop culture?”

    “When I listen to the song, it’s like my life isn’t any better after it, it’s actually a little bit worse…I feel like I’ve become a lesser being.”

    “I’m feeling really uncomfortable. I feel violated.”

    “It’s not a good portrayal for them [women] and it’s nothing any girl should aspire to.”

    “Have you seen the Bill Clinton edit to this?!”

    “I hope she washed her feet.”

    “He’s a married man with kids, and his wife let him do that?!

    “Have some respect for yourself, woman!”

    “What and he’s still married? What a douche.”

    So there you have it, children have better sense than their adult counterparts. Who woulda thunk it? Check out the full reactions below.


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