Apple Readying Two iPhones For September Launch

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    Apple has just asked its Taiwan-based supplier to start shipping out two new versions of its iPhone starting next month. One of those iPhones is slated to be the lower-cost model.  According to an unnamed source, Foxconn’s Chinese parent company was putting together two models  which supports rumors that Apple is readying two brand new iPhones.

    Rumors swirled around the tech community that Apple planned on having an event (Sept. 10) to announce both smartphones in efforts to dethrone the likes of Samsung, who currently have the hottest smartphone on the market.  Apple is beginning to shift its strategy from releasing one flagship device a year to releasing multiple to appeal to more consumers.

    The latest rumors to hit the iPhone circuit are the next high-end iPhone could come in gold and possibly a finger scanner.

    Does the iPhone 5s and 5c have a chance against Samsung’s Galaxy S4?

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