Are You A Gym Douchebag & Other Things You Care About Today

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    New High Rise In Manhattan Will Have Separate Entrance For ‘Poor People’
    The development company in charge of a new luxury apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side will get some major tax breaks by technically making five of its lowest floors an affordable housing unit. But they’re making a separate door for the poor?!

    The 13 Most Important Rappers In Academia
    When hip-hop began as a subculture in the South Bronx in the 1970s, its practitioners were hardly setting out to make a historical mark, but the mark was made nonetheless. Today, the cultural impact of the genre’s music, dance and art is worldwide. Many of hip-hop’s biggest names have ventured into the realm of the academic…

    21-Year-Old Bank Of America Intern Dies After Working 72 Hours Straight
    The life of a banking intern is not an easy one, with an often overwhelming workload and grueling hours. But now, the workload and hours can be considered deadly, as 21-year-old Bank of America intern Moritz Erhardt tragically lost his life after working nearly 72 hours in a row.

    12 Signs You’re Sharing Too Many BuzzFeed Lists
    Look, I’m willing to let you people have your BuzzFeed, I don’t care. But here’s how you know you have a problem.

    10 Ways To Hack Your Local Bar
    Here’s what to-do and not to-do for your bar night out.

    Mansome Guide To Body Hair
    Roger Hailes and a panel of lovely ladies evaluate just how much body hair they like on a man. Hairless men feel smooth and look clean, but…

    Amazing Mashup Adds The Joker And Bane To ‘Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi’
    Ever wanted to watch Mark Hamill argue with himself in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? In this masterful mashup, a mischief maker replaced the Emperor’s lines with clips of Hamill voicing the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and DC Universe Online. It makes far more sense than it has any right to. Then, to make it even more surreal, Darth Vader is voiced by Tom Hardy’s Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. We still don’t know what he’s saying.

    10 Of Your Favorite Childhood Movies That Actually Happened In Real Life [PHOTOS]
    Here are your favorite childhood movies that really happened!

    The 10 Commandments of Every Gym Douchebag
    More important than the state of a gym’s equipment, its reputation or even its cleanliness, is the gym’s clientele. Over the years, I’ve grown to despise my gym for its increasing number of douchebags. To ensure you don’t join the ranks of this increasingly large breed of douche, please abide by the following code of ethics at your local fitness center.

    Google In Talks With NFL To Stream Games On Youtube
    In a move that might literally change the game, the National Football League met with Google and YouTube on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of picking up the Sunday Ticket package.



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