Allen Iverson’s Greatest Crossovers Ever [VIDEOS]

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    Regarded as one of the greatest little-man players in NBA’s history, Allen Iverson is officially calling it quits with the NBA. The last time A.I. played in an NBA  game was back in 2010 when he took part in 25 games with the Philadelphia 76ers. Since then, he’s made the rounds overseas. He hoped to make one more run with a contending team to get that elusive NBA championship that’s missing in his trophy case. Unfortunately for Allen that phone call never came and now he’s hanging it up for good.

    Point guards like Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and Derrick Rose should all thank A.I. for paving the way for the little guys in the NBA. Before Allen’s arrival in the NBA, teams centered their rosters around the big man, but things changed when A.I. stepped on the floor. And Allen’s influence can be seen on several teams were the point guard is now the focal point of the team. Turning the traditional point guard from pass first shoot second to shoot first and pass second, which A.I. took a lot of heat for in the beginning of his career. You can’t find a point guard in the NBA that doesn’t have that style of ball in their game. To pay homage  to one of the greatest little guys of all time we present to you A.I.’s greatest crossovers ever.

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