Sporting Blackface in an OkCupid Profile Photo Will NOT Get You a Date

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    While it’s not uncommon to stumble on profiles with outdated photos or limited body views on dating sites like and OkCupid, it is strange to find profile photos of potential dating candidates in blackface — or so we thought.

    An Ontario woman got the surprise of her life while was scanning through supposed “matches” on OkCupid and discovered a 45 year-old “business owner/failed comedian,” who in his spare time apparently likes to partake in blackface.

    “I was completely shocked,” she wrote. “It was doubly horrifying because this guy was supposed to be a ‘match’ for me! As an African-American woman, I am currently running the gambit of emotions ranging from being hurt, feeling disgusted and also rage. There is some point where algorithms should be damned! How can someone who is so racially insensitive (I refrain from using ‘racist’ because I have experienced true racism) be a 70% match for me!!!”

    As if the photo isn’t enough of a turn off, the guy listed He’s Just Not That Into You as a movie he could “personally identify” with. Don’t walk away from this guy ladies, RUN.

    Lesson of the Day: Don’t ever rely on computer calculations to find you a successful match on OkCupid ever…or accurately choose songs from your favorite artist on Pandora. I understand that Kid Cudi and Drake are emo rappers too, but I asked to hear music from KANYE, dammit!  Yea, algorithms are bullshit.


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