Woman Can’t Stop Eating Her Boogers On The Train & Other Things You Care About Today

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    This is the incredible grossness of being: the simple fact that by virtue of being a human, you are gross. Here are 5 things most people do every day (and don’t get all incredulous and pretend like you don’t, because you do) that are objectively pretty gross…

    Woman Hires Hitman To Kill Husband, Tries To Pay In Postage Stamps
    Elena Sava Adams, a 57-year-old Romanian-American woman living in Battery Park City, wanted to kill her husband…

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    Dave Chappalle Is Tupac — You Can Tell by the Ears…

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    5 Job Hunting Techniques Your Peers Aren’t Using
    Scour job boards. Submit slightly modified cover letter and resume. Repeat. Sound familiar? That’s because that’s what everyone is doing – and it’s not going to cut it.

    Woman Can’t Stop Eating Her Boogers On The Train [Video]
    I’ve seen people eat their boogers before, but nothing compares to this lady! She’s not just eating a booger or two, she’s freakin going to town!

    You Can Buy A 2014 Ford Fiesta That Is Wrapped In Bacon, Because Why Wouldn’t You?
    To sell a few more of these puppies, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Ford’s marketing gurus are looking to pop culture to play off of our truest interests – fried food.



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