Top 10 NFL Rookies To Watch For The 2013-14 Season

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    2. Montee Ball, Denver Broncos (Running Back)

    St. Louis Rams v Denver Broncos

    This Heisman Trophy finalist comes in at No. 2 on the list of Top 10 2013 NFL Rookies because he’s fast and blessed with great hands. Montee Ball twice won Big Ten Running Back of the Year Honors, given that he went 58th in the 2013 NFL Draft, he could prove one of the year’s biggest steals.

    1. Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers (Running Back)

    NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Press Conference

    First on the list of the Top 10 2013 NFL Rookies is Le’Veon Bell, a talented and quick runner who’s suiting up for one of the league’s worst rushing teams. The Steelers are looking to ramp up their running attack, and at Michigan State, Bell put up numbers to suggest he’s the man for the job.

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