The Dos And Don’ts Of School According To ‘A Different World’

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    School is back in session! So follow rules from everyone’s favorite HBFCU (Historically Black Fictional College and University), Hillman College.

    DO: Get involved in extracurricular activities. 

    Picture 60

    Dorm step-offs build camaraderie with everyone in your hall (especially if you have more rhythm than Freddy Brooks). Tutor random kids like Walter Oaks, Dwayne Wayne, and Whitley did with the kids at the community center.

    DON’T: Procrastinate.

    We all do this. some of us more than others, but NONE of us more than Denise Huxtable. You don’t want to have to beg the most intimidating professor on campus for an extension just because you didn’t want to do the work. That charming hobo thing won’t work on him.

    DO: Get a meal plan.

    Eating every day at The Pit adds up, and your freshman 15 will soon become the freshman 30.

    DON’T: Date your faculty members/professors.

    Sure, Jaleesa married Colonel Taylor and had a baby/became a totally different character. But before that, didn’t she leave Walter Oaks at the alter? SCANDALOUS! The man had to leave Hillman out of sheer embarrassment! I’m sure it had to be awkward for everyone around them. Don’t do your friends like that.

    DO: Get your own identity.


    Having a best friend is great, but some dynamic personalities can overshadow their friends to the point where they disappear. Ron became SLIGHTY less of a girl crazy nerd and wound up a successful musician and club owner once he got a personality outside of just being Dwayne Wayne’s best bud. Whereas Millie… (right, who?)

    DON’T: Date your faculty/professors’ daughter.

    Mentor or not, had Susan Taylor not dumped Dwayne, Colonel Bradford “Dr. WAR” Taylor would’ve known where to dispose of his body in ways that no one would ever find him.

    DO: Get to know your RA.


    Stevie and Lettie weren’t even students but they taught the residents of Gilbert Hall valuable lessons. Don’t suck up to them; just let em know who you are and be a decent person and maybe they will look the other way when Dwayne Wayne gets caught sneaking out of your room window after curfew. Actually, we’re still confused as to how RA Stevie and her son lived on campus.

    DON’T: Cheat on your GF with her BFF.

    Even the largest of campuses shrinks when you creep. You will get caught. Especially when you’re sneaking around with TWO RAs. Streets is watchin! Once you DO get caught, very few ppl will be as forgiving as Kimberly Reese. That girl is a saint.

    DO: Get enough sleep.

    The freedom to stay up all night and do whatever you want is amazing. The problems that arise from it can sabotage your academics and your health. Don’t forget to pack your sleep mask and your natural sound machine or your grades will look like Denise Huxtable’s.

    DON’T: Stretch yourself too thin.

    Kim was a Med student with what seemed like a full time job in The Pit and a demanding course load. Put too much stress on yourself, and you’ll hallucinate about giant buzzing B’s tormenting you too.

    Sprink break/Summer Vacation Bonus Tips:

    DO: Check all your luggage tags.

    Taking the wrong bags at the airport could be a major inconvenience. And it could also get you stalked by dangerous coke dealers in a secluded cabin during storm season.

    DON’T: Bring back your summer fling.


    I’m sure Kinu (Kanekalon, Kantankerous, Karlie Redd, whatever…) was a nice girl and all, but WHY did she need to move in with Dawyne and Ron? “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!” Does she have a JOB?

    DON’T: Go to Freaknik.

    Seriously. Do you KNOW what goes on down there? When Shaf- your dad finds out, you are SO busted!

    As told by “A Different World” expert @radseed. Follow her on Twitter.

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