What We Can Expect From The iPhone 5C

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    We are less than two days away from Apple announcing their long-awaited iPhone 5s and the budget friendly 5c.  Analysts believe the cheaper version of the iPhone would hurt the company’s brand image as a premium smartphone maker, but with Android eating up market share, it seemed Apple had no choice but to make a budget smartphone to compete.


    As for the alleged specs of the iPhone 5c, the smartphone is said to be using the same processor from the iPhone 4s. Apple has increased the supply of their A5 chip which is used in the 4s.  The 4s wasn’t the fastest smartphone on the when it was released, but it was loved by the iPhone legion. People looking to take the jump with an iPhone the 5c wouldn’t be a bad start.


    The 5c will be a little different from the 5s. The smartphone will look the same as far as form and factor go, but they will be going with a plastic body instead of the premium metal and glass parts Apple is known for.


    Don’t expect out-of-this world storage with the 5c, the smartphone probably have around 1Gb of Ram and 8-32GB of storage.


    With analyst throwing around guess figures on what the device cost, the price they have settled on based on their detective work and basing it on parts the guess is the smartphone will cost around $99-150 with contract and $300-400 without.

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