‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Maps Leaked And It’s Bigger Than Expected

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    If its one thing GTA fans and gamers know for sure is that Grand Theft Auto V drops  on September 17. Considered one of the bigger releases of 2013, GTA V made bigger waves  when the games map leaked. Its raised some eyebrows when gamers realized the map was larger than “Grand Theft Auto 4,” “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” and “Red Dead Redemption” all put together.

    If fans of the game had doubts on the size of the landscape of GTA V, that was put to rest when the map leaked earlier in the week. With an alleged early sale of the “Grand Theft Auto V”, popular gaming site NeoGAF posted the map of Los Santos (which is a fictional Los Angeles).

    Since the maps hit the internet, Rockstar Games has sent out complaints after they were published on Coin Pixels. After all, the game is less than a week away and Rockstar Games would love to avoid any spoiler alerts before the game hits store shelves.  Until then, the game is available check the maps that is said to be the one used in GTA V.





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