30 Things Every Pothead Needs To Do Before They Die & Other Things You Care About Today

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    People Are Very Upset With The New Miss America
    It is official! Last night, Miss New York Nina Davuluri was crowned the 2014 Miss America. The 24-year-old stunner came in first place amongst 52 other competing contestants.

    7 Jobs You Will Have In Your 20s (And What You Will Learn From Each One)
    From the degrading job to the career that you finally want to settle down for, here are the jobs you will go through in your 20s…

    10 Things You Need To Know About Pusha T’s ‘Mnimn’
    It’s a been a big year for Hip-Hop releases in 2013 from some of the genres biggest acts. In a calendar year that has seen releases from Kanye West, JAY Z, Big Sean, Wale, J. Cole, 2 Chainz, Drake and more, it’s been the underdogs that have truly delivered some of the standout work of 2013.

    America’s Decaying Bridges Need A Few Trillion Bucks To Not Kill Us
    The bridges that carry tired, worn down Americans are themselves tired and worn down. A new report by the AP shows that of the 607,380 bridges included in the National Bridge Inventory, 65,605 were deemed “structurally deficient,” 20,808 are “fracture critical,” and 7,795 bridges fit under both categories, including the Brooklyn Bridge, which has repairs scheduled into 2014…

    Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fashion Week Crowd With Fake Designers
    Jimmy Kimmel is at it again. On the heels of revealing he tricked the Internet with the twerking girl who caught on fire video, he sent members of his ‘Lie Witness News’ team to Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week to ask attendees about designers who do not exist. Jen Markham has a look at the hilarity that ensues.

    Converse Unveils ‘Scratch-Off Sneakers’ That Reveal True Colors Over Time
    Maison Martin Margiela, a fashion house in Paris, have given your old Chucks a paint job. They’ve covered the sneakers in all white paint, letting the elements your feet endure scratch, rub and scrape the paint off revealing the color underneath.

    6 Overvalued Players Who Can Kill Your Fantasy Team
    Fantasy Football is a lot like dating: Avoiding the bad choices can be just as important as picking the winners. Let’s be clear, though. These players aren’t necessarily bad players. They’ll just cost you more than they’re worth, whether it’s a draft spot or an auction price.

    Paula Deen Received A 10-Minute Ovation In Her First Public Appearance Since That Whole N-Word THING
    Proving once again that we as Americans care more about filling our tattooed stomachs with fried foods and melted butter than racial tolerance, Paula Deen made her public appearance since late June, when news of her history of saying terrible things about black people exploded, and received a 10-minute standing ovation.

    Make It In America: 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Intimidated By Starting Your Own Business
    Starting your own business can be a daunting proposition. You’ve got no guarantee of success, no giant company standing behind you to offer 401k plans and health insurance, and no paid vacation time. Yet the rewards of striking out on your own can be mighty.

    30 Things Every Pothead Needs To Do Before They Die
    This the official Stoner Bucket List featuring 30 solid milestones that every pothead should aim for during his or her lifetime. Complete all of these and surely you are a legend of the ganja.



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