15 People Who Make Failing Look Fabulous & Other Things You Care About Today

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    Hot stories around the web that you wouldn’t want to miss:

    Wi-Fi, Cell Service Could Come To Moving Subway Cars
    MTA chairman Thomas F. Prendergast said yesterday that he’d like to add Wi-Fi and cellular service to subway cars, accessible even when they’re moving between stations…

    Slow Motion Kittens And Puppies Flying In The Air [VIDEO]
    The true miracle of flight.

    America’s Best Beer: The State-By-State Breakdown
    With so many breweries around, it can be tough to separate the great ones from the guys who don’t make the best beer, but do happen to have bottles with a really cool Corvette-driving velociraptor on them. Actually, you should buy that one, too. But back to the point. We now present: our list of the best craft brewery in every single state.

    Frank Ocean Says He Was A Coke And Crack Dealer In High School
    Huh. Didn’t see this one coming.

    15 People Who Make Failing Look Fabulous
    Failure has never been so successful.

    Apple Premiers iPhone 5C Commercial [VIDEO]
    Apple released its first commercial for the new line of iPhones. While many believed that they would push the 5s, the company revealed an ad for the 5c.

    Starbucks Is Asking Customers Not To Bring Guns Into Their Stores And The Gun Nuts Are PISSED
    Last last night the Starbucks Twitter account tweeted out a link to an open letter written by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. His letter opens…

    11 Sexy WWE Divas Of The Past: Where Are They Now? [VIDEOS]
    In the mid-1990s, hot women started wrestling. Some of them did it quite well, while the others were still fun to watch as they flailed about and squealed. Here’s a look back at some of the best, and what they’ve been up to since leaving the ring.

    NASA Will Pay You $5,000/Month For Lying In Bed!
    Calling all couch potatoes! NASA is now accepting applications for your dream job.

    Is She The One? How To Turn A Girl Into Your Girlfriend
    If you’re getting hookups on a regular basis, but don’t exactly know how to turn that one-night stand or casual fling into a relationship, this article is for you.

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