5 Things That Have Happened Since GTA V’s Release

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    Finally! After all the hype, commercials, pre-purchases, waiting, weeping and gnashing of teeth GTA V is here. Grown men are calling in sick to work. Women are wondering why their men are so entranced with pretty colors and guns on the TV if they’re not playing it themselves. The world of gaming has ground to a halt so that GTA fans could disappear into their dens and play through the first ten hours of side missions. Why? So they could catch dogs humping. It’s not all about dogs humping of course. There are a lot of things that encompass the world of celebration that is the release of GTA V. We call them The Five Fingers Of GTA V Hysteria and the internet is bursting at the seems with them.


    Usually you would check out a review of a game before you purchase it. However, GTA V needs no such thing because you already know it’s gonna be awesome. So why not enjoy some not-so-serious reviews of it while resting between side missions? Check out The Onion’s hilarious little review called ‘‘GTA V’ A Sophisticated Gaming Experience, Says Man Who Spent 3 Hours Running Over Homeless People With Fire Truck.’ College Humor chimes in with an explanation of how GTA V makes the mundane…mundane.

    Of course, some of the gaming website heavies had to offer up their opinions. Adam Sessler, formerly of XPlay on G4 TV

    Inside Gaming from Machinima

    And IGN

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