How Rihanna’s Rumble With Teyana Taylor On Twitter Went Down

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    Rihanna started it all whens she decided to post a video of her friend on Instagram of him imitating Teyana Taylor’s singing. And then it went left. Whenever someone famous has something to say, they always take it to Twitter. And this is how it all went down…

    And then Teyana was like…

    Picture 6

    Picture 7

    Picture 8

    And then Rihanna’s Navy said, “B*tch, please”

    Picture 9

    Picture 10

    And then Rihanna filed her nails and said…

    Picture 21

    And then Teyana forgot she said to “have a blessed day,” and she said…

    Picture 11

    And then she used Rihanna’s government

    Picture 12

    And then Rihanna probably took some selfies and then said

    Picture 22

    And then Teyana said, “Cool, something we can agree on”

    Picture 13

    And then Rihanna said, “F*ck your life, I’m dropping the mic”

    Picture 23

    And then Teyana blacked.

    Picture 14

    Picture 15

    Picture 16

    Picture 17

    Picture 18

    And she said, “I might as well do it too”

    Picture 20

    And then Rihanna posted her collection with MAC to prove she has a job

    Who won?
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