Conan O’Brien Is J.B. Smoove’s Workout Lady [VIDEO]

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    They say that late night television is good because you never know what you’re gonna get. What you usually get though is boring as hell. A celebrity with no personality sits in a chair so Conan can ask them boring questions no one cares about.

    However, when J.B. Smoove shows up there will be nothing ordinary.

    Conan O’Brien is the good sportsman’s good sport. He recently spent part of his episode getting smacked around by a kung fu artist. And now here he is working out with J.B. Smoove. Getting close with J.B. Smoove. Putting his face in J.B. Smoove’s crotch…and more. Damn.

    Informal poll: Which is more impressive…

    1. J.B. Smoove ability to support Conon O’Brien’s weight?


    2. Conan’s pushup form?

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