S/O To The 9-Year-Old Who Flew To Vegas (Wait For It) With NO TICKET!

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    And then this happened.

    Gawker is reporting a 9-year-old boy was able to fly from Minneapolis to Las Vegas with no ticket.  A staffer with the Transportation Security Agency noticed something was suspicious with the child when he didn’t see an adult accompany him on the flight.

    But wait the story gets better.

    The lil homie arrived at the airport Thursday morning and successfully went through airport security. He then ordered food from a restaurant and told the server he had to go the bathroom, which was where the dine and dash portion of the adventure commenced.

    The rugrat then picked up a piece of luggage from the carousel and boarded Delta Flight 1651 direct to Las Vegas. And no one said a word until he arrived in Sin City.

    Yup! I feel safe.

    A spokesman for the TSA is blaming the incident on the government shutdown as a lot of TSA workers are now out of a job. The young boy’s parents are now being investigated by Child Protection Services.

    Now, you can look at this either one of two ways: 1) If a little boy can get pass security, then anyone can, which isn’t very settling. Or 2) Obviously, this is a kid with vision and determination.

    I choose to go with the later.
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