Who Is Banksy?

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    Who is Banksy? Banksy is a British street artist known for his stenciled, spray-painted graffiti images, which often appear on the sides of buildings. Banksy’s graffiti images tend to be satirical and highly political, and many critics label his work vandalism. Others believe Banksy is a genius, and his 2010 film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” earned him widespread acclaim, garnering a Best Documentary nomination at the Academy Awards.

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    “Who is Banksy?” is a question people continue to ask, though, and that’s because the artist refuses to give his real name. It’s known he hails from the city of Bristol, England, where he began spray-painting buildings and making his name. He’s since tagged buildings and public places in such cities as New York, Paris and London, and in 2005, he painted children on the Israeli West Bank barrier. Consequently, “Who is Banksy?” is now asked all over the world, as fans applaud his guerilla-style creative exploits and local authorities seek to shut him down.

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    “Who is Banksy?” became a topic of conversation in New York City in October 2013, as the artist announced a month-long residency. He began with a series of works he described on his website as “Random graffiti given a Broadway makeover (an ongoing series),” according to ABC News. That involved writing “The Musical!” underneath existing graffiti reading “Occupy!” and “Dirty Underwear.” Who is Banksy? He’s a troublemaker and a muckraker and a provocateur, and his left-wing slogans and controversial images—such as a man hanging out of a window—represent a literal approach to that old ‘60s revolutionary adage of “taking it to the streets.”

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