Drunk Driver Flees Cops So He Can Finish Eating His Big Mac

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    A drunk Ohio driver led cops on a mini car chase because he so desperately wanted to finish grubbing on his Big Mac before he stopped.

    After getting a call about a reckless driver, Brunswick police located Randall Miller leaving McDonald’s in his silver SUV around 1AM on September 28. When cops initially attempted to pull him over, Miller refused to stop causing cops to chase after him. When Miller eventually stopped, officers observed that he reeked of booze and was slurring his speech. Miller apologized to officers and informed him he “was too drunk and he just wanted to eat his Big Mac before he stopped.”

    The polite drunk, who had a blood alcohol content that was three times the legal limit, was arrested on several counts, including drunk driving and fleeing an officer.

    We can sleep easier knowing one less Big Mac went to waste.

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