Kenny Scharf And Cope2 Are Also Making NYC Their Canvas

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    There is a lot of art going on in NYC. Even UK artist, Banksy came and put the life back into the city. Recently, LA artist Kenny Scharf and NY Graffiti legend Cope2 join together to create a very epic wall mural in the mecca of Graffiti, South Bronx. Kenny Scharf transforms Cope2 iconic throwie into many of his abstract cartoonish characters. Cope2 started started writing graffiti back in 78-79, with throwing up his trademark of his classic throwies and ill pieces. Cope2 has now merged into doing pop art for a wider audience, working with people like Shepard Fairey and exhibiting around the world.

    Kenny starting making his name known by pop comic book paintings of Judy on the Beach and The Flinstones in which he was highly influenced by Hanna Barbera cartoons.

    If you’re into putting up amazing art on your social media you should visit this mural!


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