31 People On Their Biggest Sex Regrets & Other Things You Care About Today

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    Your Heart Might Explode Watching This High School Football Waterboy With Down Syndrome Score A Touchdown
    Wisconsin high school football waterboy Noah VanVooren, a senior with Down Syndrome creamed defenders and ran in a game-winning touchdown for the Little Chute Mustangs on Friday night.

    Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut Eats 121 Twinkies In 6 Minutes To Win Contest [Video]
    Champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut broke yet another Guinness World Record with his triumph in last weekend’s World Twinkie-Eating Championship, devouring 121 Twinkies in just under six minutes.

    NY Post Blames Increased Subway Homelessness On Lack Of Stop-And-Frisk
    Considering the fact that approximately 50,000 people spend the night in NYC homeless shelters, and there are more people languishing on the waiting list for public housing than there are total public housing units in NYC, it’s safe to say that this city is currently going through its worst homelessness epidemic in decades. And the NY Post just realized that today! They have a report all about the increased amount of homeless people on the subways—and they’re able to connect that with the stop-and-frisk backlash they’ve been touting for months. Don’t they know this is all just a sign of a vibrant economy?!

    The Worst Tourists In The World
    Being a tourist is a lot like being a guest in someone’s home: Most people know to wipe their feet at the door and politely try what’s served for dinner, but sometimes they forget it’s not their own toilet seat they’re pissing all over. And then there’re those a-holes who don’t even realize they aren’t even supposed to piss on the toilet seat. At all. Meet the world-class idiots who, when venturing abroad, make us all look bad.

    Woman’s Leg Severed By Passing Train
    A young woman’s leg was severed by a passing train while she was walking on the tracks in Brooklyn.

    Pro Athletes Get Scared Too: The Most Shook Moments In Sports History
    There has been a rather troubling trend all across sports lately. I’m talking about fans, players and coaches all sharing one common, weak emotion — fear. People are more shook than ever when it comes to facing adversity and this has been highlighted in recent games over the years.

    Drunken States Of America: The Best Alcohol Facts Of Every State
    The patchwork of American laws means everyone gets drunk in different ways. So here are our favorite alcohol facts by state.

    You Almost Nailed It. But Not Really. [82 Photos]
    See these hilarious fails!

    12 Healthy Reasons To Feel Even Better About Drinking Beer
    For centuries, men have been toasting to each others’ health, but little did they know that those very beers have been increasing their lifespans, memory, and ability to win WWF championship belts in the 1980s. Here’re 12 reasons to raise your glass to beer.

    31 People On Their Biggest Sex Regrets
    Yikes… What’s your biggest sex regret?



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