Who Is Nonono?

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    Who is Nonono? Nonono is the Swedish group behind “Pumpin Blood” and “Like the Wind,” anthemic singles that have earned the electro-pop trio a sizable following and built anticipation for their forthcoming debut album. Who are Nonono? The band comprises singer Stina Wappling and the production duo of Tobias “Astma” Jimson and Michel Rocwell, who have worked together for a decade on mostly hip-hop projects. But Nonono are more than a Swedish dance-pop act with a knack for catchy melodies. They have an interesting story.

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    Nonono formed in Stockholm in the spring of 2012, after Stina had returned home from Brighton, England. While in the U.K., Stina had studied psychology for three years, and according to a post on the Best Fit Recordings website, her schooling influenced her songwriting. “I don’t know about songwriting rules, and I didn’t go to music school,” says the Nonono singer. “It’s more about a feeling I want to get out. Psychology has influenced me because it gives you so many tools to think about life and situations in deeper ways.” In addition to fronting Nonono, Stina Wappling works in a mental hospital during her spare time.

    Who are Nonono? They’re known in the U.K. and Europe for “Like the Wind,” the debut single they dropped in May 2013. It’s “a song you are going to listen to once, then immediately feel like listening to again, setting in motion a repeat listening frenzy that will last well over three hours,” according to Popjustice, and the follow-up, “Pumpin Blood,” has only brought Nonono more acclaim.

    Nonono’s debut album is soon to arrive, and the band calls the collection “dark and beat-orientated.” Who are Nonono? They’re a band with a mission, and as Michel says on the group’s label site, “We want to make an impact and for people to be touched.” He adds, “Most importantly, if is going to come from the heart.”

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