RIP Blockbuster Night, You Will Be Missed

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    Blockbuster is finally calling it quits and closing the last 300 of their stores. They will also be getting rid of their DVD-in-the-mail service because why would that be working out for them either? Their movie legacy will live on in their online streaming rental service, and although we have been using Netflix for years, we are honestly sad to see them go. Remember how awesome it was to “make it a Blockbuster night?”

    Let’s relive this.

    It’s Friday night, and you know what time it is!! The fam is making it a Blockbuster night!


    So we get to Blockbuster and it’s time to search for movies. Damn, are ALL the new releases gone?


    Oh, wait! One more copy of “Mighty Ducks 2” left!


    And then when your mom said you could have popcorn AND candy AND pizza, you thought,


    So you have your friends over, popcorn’s popped and everyone’s settled. You open up the tape box, and you’re like, “It says ‘please be kind and rewind,’ f*ckers! Can’t you read?”


    So you rewind the movie, just to fast forward past the previews


    Now you’re watching the flick and you get to the good part and you’re laughing uncontrollably

    And the movie was just so good you might have shed a tear


    And then you watched it 17 more times over the weekend just because you could


    RIP, Blockbuster. We’ll always have you in our hearts.

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