Peter Gunz On ‘LHHNY’: ‘In A Way, Doing Love & Hip-Hop Might’ve Helped Me’

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    So there’s Osama bin Laden, and then there’s Peter Gunz.


    But your boy Peter isn’t too far down the totem pole when it comes to being a hated man, at least among black women. (Ironically, bin Laden was a doting husband to all five of his wives) The Bronx native stopped by our GIANT offices to talk about “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” and how he’s been dealing with his new found “stardom” We sprinkled in the traditional Quickie questions, but Peter had a lot to get off his chest. Read about what P did to steer clear of the hate, one of his biggest regrets and that small nugget of advice his friend Busta Rhymes gave him. So Peter, how are you handling all this attention?

    Peter Gunz: Better! Much better. I don’t see the episodes until the public sees the episodes and it’s like someone put a mirror up to my life. I actually hid in the house for two days. Mona Scott, my mom, a lot people calling me telling me it’s going to be alright because  I was getting so much hate. I pride myself on being loved so to be hated like this is uncomfortable. But I’m better. Do people think you sold your soul?

    Peter Gunz: I gave you what it is. I didn’t put on blackface and tap dance. This is my everyday life. In a way, doing Love & Hip-Hop might’ve helped me because now I know I don’t want to live like this anymore. Did anyone warn you or try and stop you before agreeing to do the show?

    Peter Gunz: I met with Busta and he said ‘Don’t do it!’ [LAUGHS]  You cheated on your girl, married the side joint and you putting that out there for the world to see, you’re a black man! That ain’t cool. We don’t do that. You seem remorseful. How are Amina and Tara?

    Peter Gunz: Both families on both sides, Tara, Amina they hate my guts. This season is killing me. Tara didn’t deserve to find out on national television that I married my girlfriend. Okay, now we’re going to get into the traditional Quickie questions: What did you do with your first big check?

    Peter Gunz: My first big check came from “Uptown Baby” and I bought a car and I moved out of The Bronx to Westchester. I started doing a lot of things for my mom, my dad my family, I had two kids at the time. It wasn’t as big a check as everyone thinks. It was still good money, and I should have some left over, but you know, young, dumb and reckless. You’ve been in the industry for a while, what’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

    Peter Gunz: The best advice probably came from LL. He told me to never comprise and at the time I was doing a lot of compromising. I did a version of “Uptown Baby” where I added different states and he was mad at me for altering the song and he said I should’ve just left it the way it was. Columbia told me if I did those versions, we would go from gold to platinum. What he was saying was bigger than was don’t alter who you are.



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