Sony Playstation 4 Surpass 1 Million Units Sold In 24 Hours

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    On day one  of its release, Sony was able to sell one million Playstation 4 consoles within the 24 hour mark in both the U.S. and Canada, but some gamers have already reported issues with their consoles.

    The setback on the release had users reporting complaints about their devices going completely blue on-screen, with no power on and no connection on their televisions.

    Sony hopes to have a good sales outing for the PS4 in Europe and Latin America when the console is launched on November 29.  Sony is hoping for the same results because competition is looming with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox One on November 22.  For now Sony has the big advantage because they released their console a week earlier than Microsoft, and the PS4 is priced $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.  For the this upcoming holiday season, analysts believe Sony’s PS4 will have a better sales run given the price. Until we see the results of Microsoft’s launch we can’t determine which console has the bigger fan base.


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