GIANT Style Ingredients: Maria Eujenya (@EujenyaPerez)

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    Maria Eujenya

    Maria Eujenya was “Made In Da Bronx,” birth place of hip-hop and graffiti and for her, “art is a way of life with many doors and paths that all lead to one thing and one place.”

    Her bubbly and fun-loving personality are but a few of her colorful attributes, Maria has a distinct style and an explosive curly afro. Whether as creative director, model, or stylist for brands such as Sabit, Colourful Money Clothing and Cherry On Top Swim Wear Maria never ceases to exceed her clients needs. Maria “Eujenya” embraces a love for Michael Jackson that shines throughout her fashion and dancing.
    Choreographing multiple projects, teaching introductory classes and recently back up dancer for break-thru artist “She’s Ryan”, helps to keep her passion on fire. At any break in the day, you can scout Maria writing expressions of interest in a language only she can understand or communicating the visions of and artist in various mediums.


     Call Eujenya bag lady if you want, but she surely won’t hurt her back walking the streets of NYC wearing her studded leather book bag. There are a few key items Maria cannot be caught without. They include a pair of shades to blind her from negativity, a thrift store cigarette case wallet, her Michael Jackson iPhone case, a stack of Colourful Money stickers and two prized possessions given to her by her inspirational older brother Miguel (a solid white gold ring with a solitaire stone in the middle as well as a Betsy Johnson wrist watch).


    Maria Eujenya’s statement is certainly validated. Showing that art comes in different forms and can only lead you to find your own legend. From dancing, painting and recently photography, it is Maria’s belief that creating things somehow sets the mind free from collective restraint.


    On a regular day you can catch Maria Eujenya rocking a limited edition Almighty T-shirt from Colourful Money with a pair of Bobby from Boston vintage store riding trousers. When it comes to footwear she is a firm believer that her royal blue Adidas will have her ready for anything from hanging out with friends to rehearsals with She’s Ryan.

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