Tell 'Em Why Ya Mad, Diddy

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    Looks like Diddy’s finally reached his breaking point. Somebody call the WAAAAAMbulance.

    Something about Diddy and gangster rap is so hilarious to me. Maybe I’m the only one. I don’t know. But his “new” song “Fuck Yall Niggas” just makes me go, “Diddy… Really?”

    Apparently, he knew from the gate not to trust us niggas, and we act like he won’t break and bust us niggas. Some gems to listen out for:

    • “I’d like to dedicate this to my nigga Notorious BIG. Because if he was here, this is how he would want me to come: FUCK YALL NIGGAS!”
    • “I know niggas pressed to stick me; that’s why I pack glocks that hold shots – nuttin less than 50” (word?)
    • “Hate on me cause I got the keys to the city. You wanna see me get notorious without Biggie. See me without The Lox – say I ain’t jiggy. See me without Ma$e – say I ain’t pretty!”
    • “Why you mad cause I’m bad and the boy get papers? Is it the looks, the wheels, the skills, the flavor? House on the hill, hundred acres, no neighbors – you can’t hate this 90s Lee Majors”

    This song just made my whole world. Whenever Diddy turns on the hood, all I want to do is clap my hands and call him “My Little Gangster.” Then walk the ends of the earth to secure him a pint of Cambodian breast milk. And Diddy, if you ever read this, I’m sorry that I have such trouble taking you seriously. Maybe it’s cause you have items (read: “famous money”) hanging out your anus, or maybe it’s because you snitched on Shyne, or maybe it’s because you fight with champagne bottles instead of these alleged glocks that hold shots, or maybe it’s simply because you really used to refer to yourself, with a serious face, as Puff Daddy. I don’t know.

    But I do know you can fuck some Junior’s cheesecake up proper.


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