James Franco And Seth Rogan Spoof Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’

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    Bound 3 Video

    This is the most painfully awkward, yet hilarious video you’ll watch today, maybe even all year.

    Actors James Franco and Seth Rogan decided to piss off Kanye West by spoofing his music video “Bound 2.” The video which features the same background as the original, showcase a hairy Seth Rogan playing the part of Kim Kardashian, while Franco tries his best to impersonate Yeezus.

    The levels of discomfort are unprecedented, but you can’t keep from watching because well it’s kind of funny. Maybe now Kanye will know how we felt when we saw the original.


    I’m expecting a Kanye rant to take place in a matter of moments. You all know he won’t stand for someone disrespecting his lady or his art.

    Take a look at the video.

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