7 Things We Learned From The Kanye West Breakfast Club Interview

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    Kanye West who has been Charlamagne The God’s Donkey of The Day multiple times, sat in the hot seat to discuss family, fashion, music, and classism. And while Kanye was able to control his temper and not turn up too too much, he didn’t hold back when asked the tough questions including why he chose Jay Z over Dame Dash, and his love-hate relationship with the corporations.

    Take a look at the seven things we learned about the controversial emcee and don’t forget to peep the full length interview. It was a good one.

    1. He’s Getting Better At Handling Criticism

    Never one to hold his tongue, Charlemagne The God who has always been vocal about his disapproval of Yeezus, told Kanye to his face the thought his latest project was less than stellar. Okay, his exact words were “I thought it was whack!” Instead of blowing up and acting out, Ye smiled and said “that’s great.” He took it all in stride, which shows improvement.

    2. Kanye Purposely Took The Hits Off Of ‘Yeezus’

    While his latest album still landed at the number one spot on Billboard, it was definitely Kanye’s most polarizing, which was intentional. Kanye said he wanted to remove the hits from the album to offer something different. He knew his album wouldn’t be an easy pill to swallow, which was why he created tracks such as “Blood On The Leaves” and “Bound 2”

    3. He LOVES Kim Kardashian

    We all know ‘Ye loves his fiance’. He went on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few months back to profess how dated and backwards it was that Kim couldn’t have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. While choppin’ it up with The Breakfast Club he continued to profess her legendary status by saying she’s this generation’s Marilyn Monroe, not Kate Upton.

    4. What We Call “Rants” He Calls…

    “A Visionary Stream of Consciousness.” And I’m just going to leave that right there for all of you to digest.

    5. He Chose Jay Instead of Dame Because…

    Kanye has often said that a lot of A&R’s passed up on him as a rapper. One of the only people to believe in Kanye was Dame Dash. So when Jay Z and Dame Dash went their separate ways, a lot of people were confused as to why Kanye didn’t side with Dame. Kanye said that while Dame’s truth was more akin to who he was and is as an artist, the way he choose to express that was too much for a young Kanye to digest.  Jay Z on the other hand was the kind, likable one, and while Kanye admits to being more like Dame, and Camron, he wanted to learn how to move the way Jay Z moves. Point blank, he wanted some of Jay’s finesse.

    6. Why Big Sean’s Been Silent On A Few G.O.O.D Music Singles

    Charlemagne The God said that when Big Sean stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote ‘Hall of Fame’, he admitted that ‘Yeezus’ wasn’t his favorite album and suddenly Big Sean kind of went silent from a lot of G.O.O.D Music projects, to which Kanye responded “If you make good music, you’re on G.O.O.D Music.”

    7. “Bound 2” Was Intended To Be Horrible

    When asked what the treatment was for his “Bound 2” video, Kanye said “I wanted to take white trash T-shirts, and make it into a video. I wanted it to look as phony as possible.” But he later went onto say that he has no problem making mistakes in front of everyone, which is a good thing since Bound 2 wasn’t Ye’s best.

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