Playstation 4 Users Creating Live Sex Chat Rooms

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    The new gaming systems are here and people are already looking for explicit virtual entertainment. Both, the Xbox One and Playstation 4 has a camera that comes with a feature where the gamers can record themselves playing. Since gamers can be seen by millions of people during live feed, some may be getting naughty on the other end of the screen.

    There have been incidents that people are using “The Playroom” forum to webcast live pornography acts from their living rooms. We are wondering how Sony didn’t predict this kind of situation would occur.  Twitch TV reports, “Twitch TV has recently started to send out ban notices to users streaming inappropriate content from the PlayStation 4 Playroom.”

    Xbox One announced that their gaming console won’t recognize any porn sites if you try to access them. Anyone who is apart of the live chat or making it, their accounts will be banned right away. So it’s best to leave the four play out of game time.

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