Dylan Chenfeld Met God, And Guess What? She’s Black! (Dun! Dun! Dun!)

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    It started with five words.

    Dylan Chenfeld heard a phrase “I Met God, She’s Black” and he thought it was a pretty awesome notion God could be anything other than a white dude competing with Rick Rubin for the world’s longest beard. So the New York native decided to challenge the unspoken, yet widely accepted social norm by putting those five words on a T-shirt.


    The result of his one-man declaration? A grassroots following of teens, young adults and celebrities alike who wanted to give society and its rules the finger. Chenfeld chopped it up with GIANTLife.com about his T-shirt line, his upcoming projects and his future goals.

    While Dylan didn’t intend on starting a conversation about religion, race and black women, at least he did it with style.

    To check out some more of Dylan’s designs, CLICK HERE



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