Whipped: Hammacher Schlemmer's "Big Wheel"

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    It looks like high-end “toy store” Hammacher Schlemmer injected a Big Wheel with steroids to create their new Motorized Monocycle. I was going to give this one to Alyson and the I Need This crew but then I said, “Nah…”

    I can’t see riding this through the streets of NYC, but if you have the open space and $13K, you too can ride out.

    The single-wheeled motorized vehicle provides a pure adrenaline rush propelling a single rider up to 25 MPH and is powered by a 31cc, four-stroke 11/2-hp engine. The wheel operates by using a centrifugal clutch on its inner steel frame to engage the larger 67″ diameter outer flywheel, which actually makes contact with the ground using a rubber tire. Riders can steer the device by leaning to one side or the other to safely navigate through any surface such as pavement or grass.

    The hand-holds have a finger throttle that provides progressive acceleration and a brake that allows for confident stops for riders up to 275 lbs. and a minimum weight of 110 lbs. is suggested for proper counterbalance during acceleration and braking. The fuel efficient Motorized Monocycle can also cruise for up to two hours on less than 1/2 gallon of gasoline.

    So start saving them pennies now and you could Jackass-ing it down Old Man Willis’ hill in no time!

    Apparently, it comes in a punk-ass yellow too. Someone needs to send Xzibit to pimp one of these out!

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