Man Charged With 142 Felony Counts After Taking A Instagram Selfie

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    If you’re thinking of posting a selfie with criminal activity on Instagram, please use the filter button to leave out the evidence.

    Recently, a sheriff in Florida was investigating suspicious activity on various Instagram accounts. He stumbled across 19-year-old, Dupree Johnson’s page which at the time had a long rap sheet that included grand theft, felony possession of a firearm and burglary.


    While looking through his now deleted Instagram profile, the sheriff noticed Dupree was taking selfies with guns and lots of jewelry which looked to be stolen merchandise. After the Florida sheriff investigated the images, he issued a warrant to search Johnson’s home.Dupree-JOhnson-gun-photo-Instagram

    According to Miami New Times, authorities found $250,000 worth of stolen firearms, jewelry and electronics. They believe Dupree is associated with other 40 or so burglaries within the Florida state. With all the evidence found he could be charged with 142 felony counts of stolen jewelry and weapons.

    So much for those cool selfies.

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