Beyonce Reveals She Freestyled Her Hit “Partition” In Self-Titled Pt. 4

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    During the fourth installment of Beyonce’s video series, “Self-Titled: Liberation” King Bey revealed how her sexy track “Partition” came about.

    While renting a house in the Hampton’s, Beyonce invited writers and producers she respected to work with her, including Hit-Boy, The Dream and Sia all to join her as she created songs for her album.

    The new mom said part of the inspiration for the song and video came after she gave birth. Beyonce’s reveals she was almost 200 pounds and worked tirelessly to lose the weight, and wanted to showcase her body.

    The “Flawless” singer also said the inspiration for the video came from taking her husband to a strip joint when they were engaged and wishing she could strip like a professional, so that’s what she did in her video.

    Hey, we are NOT mad.

    Take a look at how one of Beyonce’s sexiest songs came about.





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