Afro Samurai: Game On!

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    It’s always the most beautifulest thing in the world when a dope video game that involves a black lead character hits the store shelves, and doesn’t have a EA Sports logo on the box.

    Afro Samurai, the swordsman with the Jimi Hendrix do from Adult Swim’s popular anime made the highly-anticipated jump to video game consoles earlier this week. The game is a gorgeous button masher that revisits a more in-depth version of the story’s orgin. The titular character, who is voiced by Samuel L Jackson, is in quest to capture the number one headband, which is held by Justice, the man who murdered Afro’s father. The game’s visuals follows the same stunning art style that the series is known for. And as always, RZA’s gritty, eastern-infused hip-hop score blankets the game’s sonic backdrop.

    What’s funner than battling a dude rockin’ a Kanye West Graduation bear head piece? How about the blooody visual reward you get after slicing through him and an army of his homeboys? Namco pushes the game’s violence to the far edge of their Mature rating. Here’s to injured thumbs.
    Pharoh Martin

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