Artist Marcey Hawk Makes Masterpieces Using Her 30D Breast [VIDEO]

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    Don’t you wish she was live painting on 42 Street Times Square?

    Marcey Hawk, also known as the “Boobie Painter,” has an uncommonly way to paint on a canvas. Instead of brush strokes she uses breast strokes to create her abstract piece of art. The artist gained star attention in California after selling her art work to Actor Russell Brand and Playboy owner Hugh Hefner.


    In a quick interview, Marcey Hawk explains:

    “I like to mix up my styles so have a good variety – the ‘squish and swirl’ method is the one I use the most which involves using both breasts squishing and swirling the paint onto the canvas.”


    In the demo below she demonstrates how she uses her 30D breast as painting tools to create her masterpiece. Head over to her online store to get a piece of her new art here.



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