Audi Introduces Laser Lighting On New Cars At CES

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     Audi laser light

    Automaker Audi is looking to make technology a part of its new line of cars for 2015.  Earlier in the week the company showed off its compact size circuit board which is capable of driving a car. Displaying several cars with their new zFAS at their presentation booth which could hit Audi showrooms in 2015. The star of the show was Audi’s Sport Quattro Laserlight and according to Audi is capable of  “piloted driving” but will be able to perform everyday driving tasks.

    The laser light uses two trapezoidal headlamp elements each side. The outer section of the lights use LED low beams, while the inner section uses laser diodes to generate the laser light. According to Audi reps on hand the laser light can reach an astonishing  1,640, almost a half a mile away from the car. Also stating that’s twice the range of today’s LED headlamps. This is also accounting that there is no physical objects in the way of the lights such as snow, fog and any cars in the way.

    While Audi is aiming for a 2015 push on the laser lights on their cars, the U.S. Department of Transportation may have other ideas as the size and shape may determine if they are safe for the public. Until they can get handle on the situation with Audi get a hands on look with Audi’s laser light.

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