15 TVs From CES 2014 You Wish You Had For SuperBowl XLVII

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    For the average consumer, 4K TV/video is the way of the future and it left it footprint at CES. Introduced at CES in 2013, 4K TVs are  seen as a step up from HD or even UHD (Ultra High Definition.) And this year low-cost 4K televisions from China manufactures to company’s with big names debuted their own 4k screens.  It’s not gonna take long for consumers to make 4K TVs the next big thing in the living rooms everywhere.

    The next big step is getting 4K content and video into the home of the average consumer. After all, 4K televisions aren’t cheap. It will be some time until big names like Sony, Samsung , LG and Sharp make them affordable. But when they are available, how great sporting events will be on them especially the Super Bowl.

    People visit theaters, bars, lounges or go to live events to get the experience they can’t get at home.  4K content will fill that void people are missing, In the mean time, UHD holds the crown of top picture quality when it comes to viewing pleasure in the home, but once 4K screens become affordable it will become the staple in the home. Picture quality on 4K will make you feel as if you were at a live game. If 4K screens go over well with the general public, expect 8K to follow right behind as K TVs  also made their debut at CES this year.  

    Until either are affordable to the general public, here are a handful of TVs you wish you had for this years upcoming Superbowl XLVII.

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