The Trendiest Cars At CES 2014 [GALLERY]

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    The car companies have caught the tech bug and took center stage at this year’s CES.

    Before the CES event even began, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, which is  a group of car and tech companies looking to get Android as  the main car operating system in future cars. Soon after, Audi introduced 2 two self driving cars which included the newly announced  laser lights and introduced the first ever 4G wifi car. Ford also caught the tech bug and introduced their Applink platform at its keynote.

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    As far as cars go, people will always buy them based on the looks, but the technology aspect is becoming a big second with new car buyers, but its become #1 with automakers .

    With the first rounds of auto shows coming in 2014, look for the automakers to make more strides to connect auto and technology by making tech a major feature of automobiles in the future.

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