What If All Of The Injuries From ‘Home Alone’ Were Real?

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    Surely, Harry and Marv would be dead. Kevin McAllister put a serious hurting on the Sticky (formerly Wet) Bandits when they tried to their hand at burglaries “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” Watching the movies over and over again as a kid, it’s hilarious, but watching again as an adult (as I did over the Christmas season), you realize that Marv and Harry should have never made it around for a sequel.

    The folks at Screen Junkies turned the “Home Alone” flicks into a “honest action” breaking down every time they got hit in the face, slipped on the floor, ran into a brick wall (was this movie just live action “Looney Tunes?”) accompanied by their real life injury. Between all of the facial fractures, massive head trauma, and internal bleeding they would have sustained, the movies don’t seem that funny anymore.

    Just kidding, it’s still hilarious. Watch the torture below.


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