7 Performers Who Will Never Perform The Super Bowl Halftime Show

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    The Super Bowl halftime show is the crown jewel of any performer’s resume. It’s an elite club that only a few of the greatest performers of all time have ever had opportunity to accomplish.

    Each year an artist or group with at least a decade of excellence behind them is selected to perform. But something interesting happened this year. Bruno Mars got the nod. To date, Bruno has only two successful albums under his name. Still yet, he was selected. And he’s bringing the long-time rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers with him.

    This brings up an interesting question though. Of the newer artists, who has the best shot at playing the Super Bowl? A better question is who will never ever have a shot? Yeah, let’s answer that one.


    ke$ha crazy kids music video - ke$ha crazy kids music video
    Ke$ha has several hits behind her so she should, technically, be a good candidate to play the Super Bowl. But she dresses like someone’s eccentric grandmother and looks like she smells like 40 oz. beers and feet. So no, ain’t happenin’.

    Chris Brown

    chris brown promo - chris brown promo
    Football may be a man’s game, but women like to watch too. And a lot of them would not at all be cool with having their half-time show be performed by a guy that beat up one of the most popular female entertainers of all time. Sorry Chris. Oh, and how’s that parole going?

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