Awards Pharrell Should Win Simply Because He’s Pharrell

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    Well isn’t this awesome-sauce!

    The 2014 Oscar nominations were announced and our boy Pharrell received a nomination for his single “Happy” for Best Original Song. The insanely sticky single comes from the “Despicable Me: 2” soundtrack. This nomination, although a surprise for Skateboard P is well deserved and caps off what was one of Pharrell’s best musical years to date. The super producer was behind hits such as Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” so its only right P get nominated.

    But we did some thinking and realized there are a lot of other awards Pharrell should get nominated for and win simply because he’s Pharrell.

    Peep Our list

    1. The Award For Best Hats

    Honestly, who wear hats better than Pharrell? Umm, no one! Between his Fedoras that he pairs with jeans to make look casual and stylish, to the beanies he throws on to make his look even younger than he already does,  it seems as if Pharrell should venture into starting a hat line. I know I’d be there.

    Pharrell - Attachment

    2. For Being An Undercover Jamaican And Having Multiple Jobs

    Seriously, how does Pharrell have so many gigs? He’s a singer (that’s 1) songwriter (2) producer (3) he just nabbed a deal as one eBay’s curators alongside Solange Knowles (we’re at four jobs now) Not to mention his Billionaire Boys Club fashion line (five) He’s the host of ARTIST TLK on You Tube in which he plays expert journalist to fellow creatives (that’s six) and the most important he’s a dad. That’s seven jobs. I’m almost certain I’m missing a few.

    eBays Future of Shopping Event

    3. The Award For Looking The Exact Same For The Past 20 Years

    Between Pharrell and Sade, I don’t know if these two are drinking Unicorn Blood, or washing their face with the tears of vampires but Pharrell just does not age! Seriously. He’s probably not even human. He’s probably a X-Men or something.

    Pharrell Williams

    4.  The Award For Versatility

    Skateboard P can be seen schmoozing with Anna Wintour during Fashion Week and then sit comfortably with Pusha T and other emcees  and not miss a beat. That kind of versatility can’t be bought.

    Pharrell Williams Spongebob X IceCream

    5. The Award For Undeniable Talent

    All jokes aside, Pharrell maybe the best living example of what can happen if you simply do the work! For the past 20 years Pharrell has been doing the work and perfecting his craft. He’s been able to adapt with the times and improve whether it be musically, or in any other field of work he decided to conquer. Hats off to Mr. Williams for being that dude!

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