Drake’s Funniest “SNL” Skits

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    When it was announced that Drake would act as host and musical guest of “Saturday Night Live” we here at GIANTLife.com gave a collective sigh of  “oh, that should be interesting.”

    Well Saturday night came and went and now we’re here to deliver the best sketches that he did. While we’re glad “SNL” hired Sasheer Zamata, the first female black actor on the sketch comedy show in six years, and a new writer, the sketches still needed some work. However, all of them weren’t bad. Here’s our favorite skits from this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

    Drake as Kat Williams

    Who knew Drake would be able to land a Kat Williams impersonation so well? We didn’t! But when you add the tossed hair, the mustache and the crushed velvet suit, it’s as if Kat Williams was right before our eyes. While the sketch had a few real life LOLs, Drake’s impersonation truly carried the whole routine.


    Drake’s Opening Monologue/Bar Mitzvah

    After watching the Hyfer video, I totally wanted to go to Drake’s Bar Mitzvah. It just seemed like the place to be. So when Drake gave us an opportunity to go back in time and chill with his Jewish mom and Black Father, it was actually dope to see how his Bar Mitzvah really went down. Plus his freestyle was pretty dope!


    Drake In Detention

    I found it kind of ironic to see Drake playing a hardcore rapper. And while his poem was about getting-it-on with a 68 year old librarian, it was his detention teacher’s reaction that helped to make the sketch hilarious.


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