10 Greatest Super Bowl Plays Ever

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    greatest super bowl plays EVER

    What do we consider the greatest Super Bowl plays of all time? Are they based on victoiess, the moment that to the victory or missed opportunity to win the game breaking one teams heart. Or is it that moment the unexpected happens.

    Phil Simms, Aron Rodgers and Tom Brady have all made great plays in the biggest game of their live. The Super Bowl. Did those quarterback greats make the list of greatest plays ever in the Super Bowl let’s find out.


    Lynn Swann Circus Catch

    Teams: Steelers vs Cowboys

    Super Bowl: X

    Play: In the game Swann only had fours catches but all combined for 161 yards and one including the mind boggling catch for 64-yards in the fourth quarter.  Swann was cemented in NFL history when he become the NFL’s first wide receiver to be named Super Bowl MVP.


    Tracy Porter Picks-off Peyton Manning

    Teams: Colts vs Saints

    Super Bowl:  XLIV

    Play:  The Saints made a miracle run to the Superbowl and when they got there they were the underdogs against the great Peyton Manning and offensive juggernauts known as the Colts. With less than five minutes on the clock Manning was looking for a tying drive to possibly send the game into overtime. Manning and co got into scoring range only to get intercepted by  Saints cornerback Tracy Porter for a pick 6 and leading the Saints to victory.


    Marcus Allen Cutback Run

    Teams: Raiders vs Redskins

    Super Bowl: XVIII

    Play:  The redskins entered the game as the favorites but running back Marcus Allen stole the show with one of the greatest performances by a running back in a Superbowl. Gaining an amazing 191-yards rushing.  his show stealing moment came in the third quarter when a sweep play was called seemed doomed from the snap but Marcus turned the doomed play into a cutback that would send him 74-yards for a TD run and 35-9 victory.


    The Tackle

    Teams: Rams vs. Titans

    Super Bowl: XXXIV

    Play: After a come from the behind  run the Titans tied the game until  Kurt Warner put the Rams back up. Trying to make one last miracle run  at a touchdown, on the last play of the game Rams Linebacker Mike Jones tackles wide receiver  Kevin Dyson from scoring a touchdown . Jones was a just a yard short from tying the game.


    Scott Norwood Missed Field Goal

    Teams: Giants vs. Bills

    Super Bowl: XXV

    Play: I know what you’re thinking, Norwood lost the game for the Bills but it is one of the greatest endings in Super Bowl history. With eight seconds left on the clock Scott Norwood had the chance and team on his back for a Super Bowl victory but the kicker blew a 47 yard kick. The miss would  start a string of the Bills four consecutive Super Bowl losses. 


    John Riggins 4th and 1 Run Play

    Teams: Redskins vs Dolphins

    Super Bowl: XVII

    Play:  With time running out for the Redskins and down four points in the fourth. They faced a tough decision go for it on fourth or punt the ball back to the dolphins with hopes of a stop. Deciding to go for it on fourth down the Redskins put the game in Fullback John Riggins hands and the payoff worked as Riggins broke a tackle attempt by Don McNeal  for the game winning score.


    Game Winning Fieldgoal by Adam Vinatieri

    Teams: Patriots vs Rams

    Super Bowl: XXXVI

    Play: Adam Vintieri nails a field a  kicked a 48-yard field goal on the final play to become the first player to score the  game’s winning points on the final play which  sealed a Patriots emotional 20-17 win over the Rams starting the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era.


    Montana to Taylor

    Teams: 49ers vs. Bengals

    Super Bowl: XXIII

    Play: With less than 4:00 left Cincy seemed to be on their way to a Superbowl victory, but Montana and the Niners showed that anytime on the clock was too much time and Montana led the Niners on  a 92-yard winning drive. With just 35 seconds Montana threw a lighting bolt to receiver John Taylor giving Montana his third ring.


    Santonio Holmes Game Winning Catch

    Teams: Steelers vs Cardinals

    Super Bowl: XXXXIII

    Play: With Cardinals reciever Larry Fitzgerald catching a 70 yard reception from then Quarterback Kurt Warner the tides turned into the favor of the Cardinals with less than 4 minutes left.  With time winding down Ben Roethlisberger  throw the most accurate pass he eve threw in his NFL career to Santonio Holmes tap dancing on the sidelines to secure the catch and the win for the Steelers.


    Helmet Catch

    Teams: Giants vs  Patriots

    Super Bowl:  XLII

    Play: The Giants had destiny on their side, making a great playoff run after nearly not making the playoffs. Only to face the undefeated New England Patriots. In the greatest play in Superbowl history, the most nonathletic player on the field Eli Manning scrambled from Pat defenders and threw up a prayer to WR David Tyree ,who was surrounded by defenders. Making one of the most incredible catches Tyree wedges the ball to his helmet while fending off safety Rodney Harrison to continue the drive.


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