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    Hip Hop, Pop, Rock n Roll, Punk … Re-known producer Dallas Austin has put all his passions into fashion, making The Rowdy Collection.

    Dallas Austin started his fashion line, The Rowdy Collection back in 1992, so there’s really nothing new about the brand at all.  Yet, the music producer, gone film producer, gone designer claims he had to wait for the world to catch up before he could really give it 100 percent.  Now, Dallas feels the world is more ready than ever.  “One world, one color, one culture” Dallas Austin says of his brand while explaining it’s multi- cultural inspiration. Not only does he bring vibes from every corner of the musical universe into the clothes, he also mentions designers such as Ralph Lauren, Stüssy, Helmut Lang and Vivienne Westwood as influences.  Being a famous musician, launching a hip-hop line might sound slightly familiar, but Austin sees himself as a real designer and doesn’t want his name to give him any shortcuts.  “I don’t want to be another hip-hop guy launching a wear.  I want this to be a real brand.”   With this in mind Austin doesn’t overcharge his customers for simple pieces such as t-shirts.  “I feel that would be unfair to the buyers and also to other designers who really have gone the hard way to become what they are.”

    Although, there are some advantages he can’t get rid of, like having fellow celebs such as Diddy and Eddie Murphy asking  for more Rowdy in their closet, Austin is not the one to throw stuff at celebrities to get his brand out there.  “You can tell if somebody is wearing something just because it got thrown at them, you have to wear Rowdy cause you love it.  Rowdy isn’t about the clothes, it’s all about attitude”.  If we are to believe Austin, attitude is exactly what you get in these clothes.  Every season The Rowdy Collection tells a story.  The Fall 2008 line was all about messages of anarchy and anti-war, and this year’s Spring/Summer collection tells the story of “the future a long time ago” says Austin, inspired by one of his long time favorite films, Mad Max.  What that means exactly, you will have to check out yourself,

    As told to Hannah Arnhog

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