Here are seven public appearances that prove Obama is so cool.

    5 Public Appearances That Prove Barack Obama Is That Dude!

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    He was the first black man to head the Harvard Law Review. As senator of Illinois, Obama led legislation that required videotaping of homicide interrogations, making Illinois the first state to do so. Then he got a 9-5 and became the President of The United States, TWICE! Won a Nobel Prize, bailed out the auto industry and now he’s pushing this Affordable Heath Care, which would only gives millions of Americans an opportunity to go to the hospital and not make the equivalent to a mortgage payment just to get healthy.

    But in the event none of that mattered to you. Here are seven public appearances that prove Number 44 is that dude.

    1) He’s Got Jokes

    During his interview with Zack Galifinakis, President Obama showed he can hold his own against a comedian.

    Zack Galifinakis: It must kind of stink that you can’t run three times.

    Barack Obama: No. Actually, I think it’s a good idea. If I ran a third time. It would be sort of like doing a third “Hangover” movie. Didn’t really work out did it?


    2) Barack Obama Actually Cares

    On July 19, the President addressed the nation in a press conference to discuss the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. For 20 minutes, Barack Obama added context to why the African-American community was hurt by the outcome.

    3) President Obama Can Slow Jam The News Like Nobody’s Business

    Jimmy Fallon spoke to UNC students about President Obama’s initiative to ask congress to lower the interest rates on Stafford Student Loans. So when it came time to Slow Jam the news, who better to do it with the president himself.

    4) He Maybe The President, But He’s Still His Brother’s Keeper

    President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative was introduced to offer black and Hispanic boys and young men mentorship opportunities to help them make better decisions, and achieve better success, proving to doubters who believe he doesn’t do enough for the African-American community that he does care.

    5) He Can Take A Joke

    President Obama invited several notable YouTube personalities to the White House to ask them how they use You Tube to connect with people, and also promote his Affordable Health Care. Well, while talking, the president came in contact with an impersonator. What ensues is comedic.



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