This Weekes' Best: Valentine Tricks & Treats

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    February 13th marks the beginning of fashion week in NYC! The tents are just about complete at Bryant Park, a dwelling place that holds several runway shows. Most importantly, this biannual occasion attracts the who’s who of the industry…fashion editors, buyers, stylists, photographers, writers and some big names anxious to get a first look at the collection to come… In this case, Fall ’09.

    This is probably one of the coldest months in NYC… temperatures reaching a high of about 20 and if you’re lucky 40 degrees. Nevertheless, as you pound the pavement in your boots, warmest threads, wrapped under your scarf and hat, all while carrying your daily survivals, you must remember… DO IT WITH STYLE, and grace, naturally.

    3 KEY ELEMENTS to get you thru, COAT, BAG AND BOOTS


    Christian Louboutin suede ankle boot, Valentino Petale Dome Bag

    Moschino coat


    Prada Saffiano bag, Ralph Lauren Cashmere Barrington coat, Salvatore Ferragamo Nax boot


    Phoenix, Arizona will be hosting this year’s 58th All-Star Game. Although, Friday is when things really jump off, starting with the Rookie Challenge and Saturday being the Slam Dunk Contest, it’s Sunday (Feb 15th) when the main event takes place, EAST vs WEST!

    SHOWDOWN begins at 8pm (EST)

    Two good reasons to watch… James and Paul

    Starting LINEUP


    Dwayne Wade

    Allen Iverson

    Lebron James

    Kevin Garnett

    Dwight Howard


    Kobe Bryant

    Chris Paul

    Tim Duncan

    Amare Stoudemire

    Yao Ming

    *****RYAN LESLIE DROPS TODAY with his self-titled album!*****

    (guest appearances: Cassie & Faboulous)

    Honestly, I haven’t heard the whole album, but that Diamond Girl track gets me every time.

    ‘WHERE YA BOSS AT??’ VALENTINE’S DAY is less than a week away…don’t act brand new!

    Here are some tips to turn your V-Day morning into a sexy affair that can be done together.


    Get Steamy – Take a hot shower, the heat will open pores and soften stubble, making it easier to shave.

    Heat things up – After you dry off, leave his face damp and massage shaving oil into his skin.

    Ready, Set, Shave! – Once your man is ready to be shaved, start with his cheeks and slowly work your way down, leaving the chin area (where the beard is toughest) for last so it is properly softened. Remember to shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize irritation and guarantees smoothest results.

    Be Gentle with Him – Rinse the razor often to clean the blade. Do not press the razor down too hard.

    Cool Off – Finish the shave by rinsing his face with cool water to close pores. Pat, don’t rub, to dry the face.

    Rub Down – Give him a soft, soothing face and shoulder massage using an oil-free moisturizer.

    Just in case he doesn’t have any…You can hit up your local pharmacy for shaving oil. It leaves the skin feeling smoother, as oppose to a shaving gel.

    Warning: Providing your man with a personalized babershop shave can lead to physical activity.

    For more Valentine’s Day tips, click here!

    While Cupid’s at work, here’s a throwback track! D’angelo’s Lady (remix):


    FEB 11

    Kelly Rowland (27)

    Brandy (29)

    FEB 12

    Christina Ricci (28)

    Brandy, Christina, Rowland

    WOW (Word Of the Week)

    Pontificate (v) – express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic.

    (Needless to say, Kanye comes come to mind.)

    Mr. West is certainly known for pontificating on why he’s the better artist.

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