11 Rappers Spotted Wearing Dresses [GALLERY]

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    Young Thug dress

    A few weekends ago, Atlanta rapper Young Thug Instagramm’d himself wearing a leopard-print dress during a photo shoot.  The pic sparked a debate whether or not the top was a dress or a shirt. As it turns out, Young Thug recently revealed the top was a little girl’s dress.

    The dress also brought up the question on where hip hop fashion was heading, as more and more rappers wear dresses and skirts to make fashion statements. While Young Thug isn’t the first rapper to wear a dress out in public (nor will he be the last), it looks to be a trend that seems to be picking up steam.

    The same can be said for rapper Cam’Ron, when 10 years ago the rapper showed up to a fashion week event donning a pink mink with a pink cellphone in hand. Since then it gave hip-hoppers to be more comfortable in fashion decisions and not just stuck in the hip-hop lane of dressing.

    However, some may feel with rappers like Young Thug wearing dresses as everyday wardrobe they be blurring the lines of men’s fashion. With every new generation comes new trends.

    Not focusing on Young Thug here are 10 other rappers who have donned dresses.

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