You Need This Doughnut App + Other Stories You Missed Today

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    #TBT: The Celebrity Yearbook Reveals Our Favorite Stars’ Most Embarrassing Pictures

    It’s definitely fun to see some celebs when they were younger, but you won’t even be able to guess who some of these celebrities are!

    There’s a Dude Like This in Every Coffee Shop in America

    You’ve seen this guy. And maybe you are this guy. (If you are, it’s not too late to change your douchey ways.) Take a look at this guy Thrillist so accurately described, and avoid him at all costs.

    Doughnut Finder Named One of the Best New Food and Drink Apps By Apple

    Your dream just came true. You don’t have to find out which bakeries have doughnuts when you want to get your Homer Simpson on. There’s an app called Doughbot that will pull links from Instagram, Yelp and Yahoo to direct you to the nearest place.

    21 Food Facts Everyone Should Know

    Did you know that if you go into a Wendy’s and say you’re not from the area and have no money, they HAVE to give you food because it’s in their policy? Yeah, we didn’t know either. But now you do. So check out the rest of these facts.


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