Strip Club Customer Sues Stripper + 8 Other Stripper Clashes [VIDEOS]

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    stripper interview sued by customer - stripper interview sued by customer

    Nomi was just your simple American girl, stripping her way to a better life.

    robert wallace customer suing stripper - robert wallace customer suing stripper

    Robert Wallace was your basic American nerd, looking for affection from some of the hottest women he could find.

    Their love is a lesson in romance gone awry…

    LOL No it isn’t. It’s a lesson in how delusional a strip club customer can be. He gave her things and she lavished him with feminine attention…but wouldn’t carry on a traditional relationship with him. So now he’s taking his ball back so no one can play with it  by suing her.

    Recently, Nomi even stopped by the NewsOne studios to explain more of the situation. It only gets more hilarious from there.

    This battle may be fought in the courts, but strippers are no strangers to conflict. They may be beautiful, but they can be beasts when they feel threatened.

    Big Booty Clash

    Lockerroom Lockdown (NSFW)

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